Episode 6

Published on:

22nd Sep 2020

Habits to Flow - 06

In this episode Eli talks about the negative impacts of bad habits and how they can prevent you from being in flow and having the experiences you want. He shares some things you can do to shift from these bad habits and mindsets from self-sabotage and unworthiness to recognize that maybe it’s possible for you to break free from one of the the worst bad habits. And if you’re one from trying exotic foods then you might get a kick out of this.

About Eli

As Co-Owner of Peace and Harmony Co. (P&H Co.), Eli Adelson built it up to a high six-figure business while traveling the world (24+ countries), living abroad in Europe and Asia, and finishing a degree from UMass while in Thailand. While not everything works out perfectly, he lives a life most people dream of. Now he’s passionately helping others live in “flow” — when things work out in your favor effortlessly — so they experience more synchronicity, more success, more joy, more often, in both business and life. 

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About the Podcast

Forever in Flow
with Eli Adelson
My name is Eli Adelson and the purpose of this podcast is to help you be in flow more of the time, or ideally— all of the time. I’m fortunate enough to have spent over a decade traveling, living overseas, and studying the subtleties of flow and how to harness it to serve you and I’m here to share that with you and answer your questions about flow. From every day life, to business, to exercising and relationships, flow is essential for living your most fulfilling life.